Tablez is an online marketplace exclusive to teens. From original products to pre-owned goods online shoppers can choose from a variety of products from verified teens vendors all in one spot.

Teens Only

Tablez is a platform for youth age 13-19. Commercial vendors are not permitted to sell on this site. Qualifying organizations are permitted to sponsor accounts on behalf of teen vendors. To learn more about the Sponsor Program, click here.

Make Money

Teens can turn their hobbies into a business by selling their handmade, original and use goods in an exclusive online environment. Tablez also offers lower fees than other online marketplaces. Paid Tablez members and sponsoring organizations qualify for reduced commission fees, putting more money back into the vendors pockets!

We Help You Sell

We support our teen vendors on all levels. From setting up their shops to marketing their products online we want our vendors to be as successful as possible. Our paying vendors are automatically enrolled in our Boost Program, which is designed to promote their products and provide additional sales support for ultimate results. The program includes priority placement on the website’s home page, promotional campaigns, social media spotlights, sales guides, and many more perks. For more information on the boost program, click here.

What Can be Sold on Tablez

In order to sell on Tablez, teen vendors agree that:

  1. All items are owned, made or designed by the teen vendor. If the teen vendor works with a production partner, teens must disclose that production partner in the product’s listing details.
  2. Teen vendors must accurately describe every person involved in the making of an item in their shop in the About section.
  3. Teen vendors must use their own photographs — not stock photos, artistic renderings, or photos used by other sellers or sites. Inappropriate or offensive imagery are prohibited on the site. Vendors using inappropriate imagery will be removed from the site.

For a list of prohibited items, click here.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Step 1.

Sign up and select your vendor status!

Step 2.

Select your vendor level.

Free Shop
2 product listings
1 admin / 1 shop manager
3.5% commission
Basic Shop
Unlimited product listings
1 admin / 2 shop manager
3.0% commission
Boost Program
Premier Shop
Unlimited product listings
1 admin / 2 shop managers
2.5% commission
Boost Program
Link to vendor's website and social channels
Sponsoring Organization
Unlimited product listings
1 admin / 8 shop managers
2.5% commission
Boost Program
Link to vendor's website and social channels
Shop onboarding

*2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee for all transactions. To learn more, click here.

Step 3.

Verify your account, upload your products and start selling!

Ready to Start Earning Money?

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